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Imu400 Multi Axis Inertial Navigation Module Ins Ttl Interface

Imu400 Multi Axis Inertial Navigation Module Ins Ttl Interface
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Triaxial Attitude: Azimuth Angle ±180°,Roll ±180°,Pitch ±90°
Operational Bandwidth: >100Hz
Resolution: 0.01°
Triaxial Gyro Range: 250°/s
Gyro Bias Instability(allan): 4.5°/h
Gyro Angle Random Walk Coefficient(allan): 0.25°/sqrt(h)
Gyro Bias Stability(10s Mean Value ): 8.5°/h
Gyro Bias(@Temp. -10℃~+65℃): ±0.25°/s(RMS)
Accelerometer Range: ±4g / ±8g(optional)
Accelerometer Resolution: 0.001g
Accelerometer Accuracy: 1mg
Accelerometer Bias Instability(allan): 0.05mg
Accelerometer Speed Random Walk Coefficient(allan: 0.015m/s/sqrt(h)
Accelerometer Bias Stability(10s Mean Value): 0.15mg
Starting Time: 500ms
Input Voltage: DC3.3V(Ripple<50mVpp)
Current: 70mA
Working Temperature: -40 ~ +80℃
Storage Temperature: -40 ~ +80℃
Working Life: 10 Years
Output Rate: 5Hz、15Hz、25Hz、35Hz、50Hz、100Hz Can Set
Output Signal: 3.3V-TTL
MTBF: ≥98000 Hours/time
Size: L20.4×W14.8×H4.1mm
Weight: ≤5g
For: For Automated Agricultura Machinery Intergrated
High Light:

imu400 inertial navigation module


multi axis inertial navigation module


ins ttl inertial navigation module

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: RION
Certification: CE, FCC,ROHS , ISO
Model Number: IMU400
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: carton with safety sponge
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T or Paypal
Product Description

IMU400 Multi Axis Inertial Navigation Module INS TTL Interface For Automated Agricultura Machinery Intergrated



IMU400 is a gyroscope IMU specialized in agricultural machinery autopilot navigation applications, built-in industrial three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer. The product can still output smooth attitude data in the case of high vibration characteristics of agricultural machinery. It is developed based on MEMS inertial measurement platform. Through the dynamic attitude algorithm of the angular rate of the gyroscope, real time output the dynamic inclination, horizontal azimuth, three-axis angular rate, three-axis acceleration and forward axial body acceleration of the object ; It can also provide real-time feedback counting output through Z-axis single axis integral output to make the front wheels of agricultural machinery turn at a precise angle; This product is specially used for automatic agricultural machinery, precision operation, and efficiency. It is an essential component of the new generation of automatic precision agricultural control.




★ Horizontal azimuth angle & attitude angle output

★ Real time output angular rate

★ Light weight

★ Long life,strong stability

★ Forward axis acceleration output

★ All solid state

★ Compact & light design

★ TTL output

★ 3.3VDC power supply




★ Automated agricultural machinery

★ Precision agriculture

★ Combination harvester

★ Cultivator





Imu400 Multi Axis Inertial Navigation Module Ins Ttl Interface 0IMU400 Parameters
Triaxial attitude Azimuth Angle ±180°,Roll ±180°,Pitch ±90°
Operational bandwidth >100Hz
Resolution 0.01°
Nonlinear 0.1% of FS
Gyro Triaxial gyro range 250°/s
Bias instability(allan) 4.5°/h
Angle random walk coefficient(allan) 0.25°/sqrt(h)
Bias stability(10s mean value ) 8.5°/h
Gyro bias(@Temp. -10℃~+65℃) ±0.25°/s(RMS)
Accelerometer Range ±4g / ±8g(optional)
Resolution Test conditions @4g range 0.001g
Accuracy 1mg
Bias instability(allan) 0.05mg
Speed random walk coefficient(allan) 0.015m/s/sqrt(h)
Bias stability(10s mean value) 0.15mg
Starting time 500ms
Input voltage DC3.3V(Ripple<50mVpp)
Current 70mA
Working temperature -40 ~ +80℃
Storage temperature -40 ~ +85℃
Vibration 5g~10g
Impact 200g pk,2ms,½sine
Working life 10 years
Output rate 5Hz,15Hz,25Hz,35Hz,50Hz,100Hz can set
Output signal 3.3V-TTL
MTBF ≥98000 Hours/time
Impact resistance 100g@11ms,3 Axial Direction (Half Sinusoid)
Anti vibration 10grms,10~1000Hz
Weight ≤5g



Imu400 Multi Axis Inertial Navigation Module Ins Ttl Interface 1


Imu400 Multi Axis Inertial Navigation Module Ins Ttl Interface 2

Imu400 Multi Axis Inertial Navigation Module Ins Ttl Interface 3




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