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Warm congratulations on the scale upgrade of Shenzhen Rion Technology R&D Center

July 25, 2023

Latest company news about Warm congratulations on the scale upgrade of Shenzhen Rion Technology R&D Center

Congraduations the Rion Technology R&D Center a large-scale upgrade. After the upgrade, we will further deepen the research and development of industrial control automation on the basis of the original intelligent industrial products, deeply explore the commercial value of industrial automation applications, and make contributions to the upgrading of China's independent automation industry and technological equipment, and the technological level surpassing foreign countries. This will play a guarantee role in the national economic development and urban construction.
Rion Technology is widely used in industrial intelligence fields such as engineering machinery, drones, intelligent robots, oil drilling, coal mining, technological equipment, marine surveying, high-precision surveying, new energy, etc. It provides product full value chain services and system integration solutions as a service provider, and always adheres to continuous research and innovation. Recently, the R&D center of Ruifen Technology has relocated to a new location, and the further expansion of the R&D center has provided broader space for project approval, product design, research and development, testing, and more new projects, which can more effectively improve the efficiency of product development and multi-directional communication among personnel; Upgrade the team size again, accelerate innovation and research and development again!
With the deepening of the "industrial control automation" strategy, the intelligent industry market has entered the fast lane, and the Big data industry has also formed a good ecosystem. In this context, the R&D center focusing on inertial navigation, INS/GPS integrated navigation system, MEMS tilt sensor and 3D electronic compass products was established in Shenzhen, a city of technological innovation, at the very beginning of its establishment.
With the continuous expansion of Rion Technology's business, Shenzhen R&D Center has attracted experienced and highly skilled R&D personnel from the industry. After the upgrade of the team size, it will further deepen the research and development of industrial automation products, and explore the commercial value of industrial automation applications. It will deeply explore the potential of industrial automation around the needs of various industries, product application environments, technological improvements, incremental mining, and other aspects; Provide customized product consulting and research and development services around industry development, competitor analysis, customer needs, and other dimensions, output professional analysis, and develop products that are more complete, precise, intelligent, and comprehensively improve efficiency.
Under the leadership of core members with 20 years of industry experience and more than 15 years of technology development experience, Ruifen Technology will continue to form a nationwide resource integration and collaborative research and development technology capability, with Shenzhen headquarters as the center and Shenzhen R&D center, Beijing branch, Shanghai branch, and Xi'an branch as the fulcrum. We will continue to innovate and develop, and accelerate upgrades!

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