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Application of inclination sensor in the solar energy industry

July 25, 2023

Latest company case about Application of inclination sensor in the solar energy industry

With the decreasing storage capacity of conventional energy and increasingly severe environmental pollution, the search and development of 'environmentally friendly new energy' has become an important theme worldwide. Solar energy is an emerging renewable energy source that is abundant in resources, can be used for free, and does not require transportation. It also has no environmental pollution and is an ideal energy source. The solar energy industry is currently one of the new energy industries that China strongly supports and develops. Based on the actual market demand and proposals from multiple solar automatic tracking system manufacturers, coupled with years of continuous improvement in autonomous tilt sensor technology by Ruifen Technology, we are now grandly launching the application of tilt sensors developed and produced by Ruifen Technology in solar automatic tracking systems. The automatic sun tracking mode of "ephemeris calculation+GPS positioning+inclination sensor measurement" has high tracking accuracy, simple and convenient installation and use, accurate and reliable data, and is not affected by seasonal change/climate change/harsh environment. It can accurately track the sun anytime and anywhere, and the power generation efficiency can be increased by 40%.

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