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Application of inclination sensor in bridge pier fixation

July 25, 2023

Latest company case about Application of inclination sensor in bridge pier fixation

The structure of a bridge generally includes six parts: span structure, piers and abutments, foundation, superstructure, bearings, and conical slope protection. Piers are buildings that support the span structure and transmit live loads such as dead loads and vehicles to the foundation. Many bridge piers are manufactured by specialized manufacturers and transported to the site for construction. This method is called on-site construction method, which involves measuring and setting out, recording values, checking the size of the cup mouth, roughening the contact surface between the cup mouth and the prefabricated bridge pier column, and using ink lines to mark the centerline and elevation control lines on the side of the prefabricated pier column to control its position when in place. Before installing the pier column, it is necessary to measure and inspect the dimensions of each part of the bridge pier column to ensure that the elevation of the column top meets the design requirements after the installation of the pier column.
During on-site lifting, use a crane to align the pier column with the axis position and vertically lower it into the cup mouth. During lifting, manual cooperation should be used to slow down the falling speed, and wooden boards or rubber pads should be placed on vulnerable areas. The position should be corrected by hanging lines on both sides. After accurate positioning, fix each side of the pier column tightly and ensure that the column is stable before removing the hook. During the process of placing the bridge pier columns in the designated position with a crane, there may be swinging of the bridge pier columns and tilting of the bottom of the bridge pier columns, especially when calibrating the position. This requires the crane operator to have high crane operation skills and rich experience, otherwise it may cause local damage to the bridge pier columns due to improper operation. So many bridge research institutes conducted research on this issue and finally concluded that using inclination sensors can solve this problem.
Simply fixing the inclination sensor on the top of the bridge pier column allows for real-time and clear understanding of the accurate inclination angle of the bridge pier during the lifting process. This provides crane operators with accurate basic posture of the bridge pier, making it easier for operators to operate, thereby improving the accuracy and safety of pier lifting. It has now become an indispensable part of bridge construction.
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