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Application of gyro in AGV

July 25, 2023

Latest company case about Application of gyro in AGV

AGV robots, as highly automated products in logistics equipment, are increasingly being applied in multiple industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, and healthcare. Compared to traditional manual handling methods, AGV handling robots can automatically travel along predetermined routes without the need for manual driving, transporting goods or materials automatically from the starting point to the destination.
The main core technology of AGV is positioning navigation. Traditional AGVs use electromagnetic navigation, which is achieved by embedding metal wires in the AGV's travel path, with a simple principle. However, this approach results in poor flexibility in path change, complex construction volume, and a single walking path. With the advancement of technology, AGV intelligent navigation has become the object of research and development for major high-tech enterprises. Traditional navigation methods have been phased out. Nowadays, AGV can use various combination navigation methods such as laser scanning, CCD camera, SLAM navigation, QR code, etc.
As a national high-tech company producing and developing inertial navigation, Rifen brings AGV another autonomous navigation and positioning technology that does not rely on external information and does not radiate energy to the outside. Its advantage is that given the Initial condition, it can determine the current position, direction and speed without external reference, which is suitable for accurate positioning under various complex geographical environments and external interference, and can continuously measure the change of position, Effectively maintaining dynamic attitude reference, we refer to this technology as (MEMS) micro inertial navigation positioning technology. By transplanting high-performance micro inertial positioning products to AGVs, high-precision heading angle, pitch angle, roll angle and other data can be provided for AGVs, forklifts, etc. After obtaining driving wheel data, combined with inertial acceleration information, robust inertial positioning results can be output. Based on an estimated AGV travel speed of 3m/s, the positioning error within 10 seconds is better than 5cm, achieving an accuracy of 2km. This technology has gradually been promoted to industries, military and other fields, and has been widely used in public security fire protection and emergency rescue.
Application characteristics of micro inertial navigation AGV:
1. Implement non fixed routes, allowing AGV to move with full degrees of freedom;
2. To achieve long-distance large-scale scenery and complex path laying, multiple AGVs need to collaborate to complete tasks;
3. The space is relatively narrow, requiring AGV to move forward, backward, or laterally;
4. In situations where path changes and site expansion are frequent;
5. Replace other applications where it is not convenient to lay magnetic strips or optical equipment;
6. In situations where the professional application environment is complex, prone to slipping, collision, shaking, or positioning errors due to sudden braking navigation;

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