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Gyro North Finder for High-Precision Navigation and Orientation Systems

Gyro North Finder for High-Precision Navigation and Orientation Systems
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Usage: North Seeking
Mttr: ≤30min
Roll Range: ±180°
Dimension: L110xW80xH104mm
Working Current: ≤1A
Cross Reference: MF
Interface: TTL/RS232/RS422/RS485 Customizable
Fog Mode: Digital Closed Loop
Accelerometer Range: 2g
North Seek Time: ≤ 3min
Bias: 0.1deg/h
High Light:

compass north finder RS422


0.06 compass north finder


FNF 702 FOG north finder

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: RION
Model Number: MF308
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Packaging Details: 1pcs inclinometer sensor in each inner box , 1000pcs /ctn
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal
Product Description
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Gyro North Finder for High-Precision Navigation and Orientation Systems

The fiber optic gyroscope north finder is mainly used for rapidly and autonomously determining the true north direction, obtaining the rotation angular velocity of the earth by tracking the fiber optic gyroscope, resolving the rotation angular velocity signal of the earth, calculating the included angle between the main axis of the gyroscope and the true north direction of the earth, and providing azimuth information for a carrier.
The gyroscope north finder is a mechatronic product, which is composed of an optical fiber gyroscope, an accelerometer, a mechanical rotation control device and an embedded computer.
e way for you.


1) Complete the installation of the gyro north finder according to the requirements of “6. INSTALLATION METHOD”.

2) Connect the lead according to the requirements of the pin definition in “4. EXTERNAL PLUG”, and check if there is no error.

3) Turn on the 24 V power supply, the north finder automatically enters the self-check state, and output the self-check results (within 30 seconds) after the completion of self-check. If the equipment is normal, the north finder will automatically enter the seeking state.

4) Within about 3 minutes, the north seeking is completed, the north seeking result is output, and then the course angle is output as the course angle of pure inertial navigation.

5) After the north finding is completed, if the north finding is completed again, a north finding command can be sent through the upper computer, the north finder immediately sends a north finding command response message, and immediately enters the north seeking state, outputs a self-check result within 30 seconds, and then performs north finding and outputs a north seeking result.

6) Power off after use.


North seeking time MF307 MF308 MF309
North seeking accuracy (1 σ) 0.5° 0.3° 0.1°
Horizontal accuracy ≤0.05° (1σ) ≤0.05° (1σ) ≤0.05° (1σ)
Course holding accuracy (static) 0.5 °/h 0.5 °/h 0.5 °/h

Roll and pitch measurement


0.1°(1σ) 0.1°(1σ) 0.1°(1σ)
Power supply 9.5~36VDC (note that the diameter of the power supply line is greater than the square of the 0.3,the power line and the ground line)
Operating current Typical value: 0.5 A, maximum impact current: 1 A
Interface TTL/RS232/RS422/RS485 customizable
Operating temperature -20℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+60℃
Hot and humid environmental conditions Relative humidity less than 95%
How it works Automatic self-check is started after power on, automatic north seeking is performed after the self-check is successful, and a north seeking result is sent to the upper computer after the north seeking is completed;
Insulation resistance The insulation resistance between the independent circuits of the gyro north finder and between the circuit and the shell shall not be less than 10 MΩ under standard atmospheric conditions.
MTBF ≥ 10000 hours
MTTR ≤30min
Appearance The metal surface shall not be rusted, and the coating shall be free of blistering, peeling, etc.
Weight ≤ 1.1 kg (excluding cable)


Gyro North Finder for High-Precision Navigation and Orientation Systems 0

Gyro North Finder for High-Precision Navigation and Orientation Systems 1

Gyro North Finder for High-Precision Navigation and Orientation Systems 2


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